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Please find below guidelines for the documentation of each PIDA project. This documentation is for the jury discussions only and should not be a promotion folder for the project. A more elaborate presentation/folder can be submitted together with the two copies of the projects to be exhibited at the award ceremony.


The purpose of this document is to give the jury a quick and detailed overview of the project in preparation for the jury meeting.



Entrant information (First page)

  • Project name
  • Name and contact details (e-mail, full address and phone number) to all project members
  • University

The document should be simple, clear and focus on the five specified areas listed below. The documentation should also include visuals that explain the packaging concept, functionality and construction (CAD-drawing/s). Note also that all documentation should be in English and each page must be numbered and marked with the name of the project.


Executive Summary

  • Short description of the project to give a quick overview


Outline of the conceptual idea

  • Motivation behind concept/package
  • Description of the design concept and functionality
  • Communication – describe the link between the packaging design and the packed product


Technical Details

  • Choice of material
  • Construction
  • CAD Drawing


Marketing Concept and Plan

  • Target group – Who are they and why should they be interested?
  • Plan for market introduction
  • Describe Point of Sales



  • Describe the contributions to sustainability


For questions, please contact