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Sweden 2015 – Style and Smart On the Go

This challenge aligns perfectly with a current lifestyle trend: meals that are eaten on the go, straight out of the pack. A coffee with a breakfast snack on the way to work, an easy-to-grab-and-eat meal en route to a game or a concert, or even to bring on board on a flight. The assignment is to create a concept that includes a stylish and smart on-the-go meal packaging solution.

Winner All Categories: Raw Food Café

Katarina Häll and Joakim Tidén, Broby Grafiska


The winning concept, Raw Food Café, which caters to the growing urban creative class, or Hipsters, was chosen by the jury for its flexibility, simplicity and trendiness. “Raw Food Café is an obvious winner. The solution embodies the theme Style & Smart on the Go and it is clear that the concept was very well thought through”, says Bo Wallteg, chairman of the jury.



Winner, Innovation: NABO – The Social Box

Sophia Wimmerstedt, Carina Leandersson and Elvira Ullbrandt, Broby Grafiska



Winner, Shelf Impact: FIKA

Nathalie Agnekil and Anna Lindow, Broby Grafiska



Winner, User friendliness: Laxasken

Jenny Vesterlund and Mattias Winther, Mittuniversitetet