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Application Closed

Here is everything you need for submitting you packaging design project to the PIDA challenge.  

As for the project documentation, the requirements are very specific.

Please click here to get the detailed information about what must be included in the project documentation.


Close of registration for Germany is 28th of September.

The physical prototypes must be sent to Frövi and received by us no later than the 3rd of October. Please mark up the package with the name of the sender.


Postal address for prototypes:

BillerudKorsnäs Frövi

Att: Lena Dahlberg

Fröviforsvägen 1

SE-718 80 Frövi



Feedback including confirmation of participation in the finals will be sent out to each team member after the registration has closed.

Register as a team by choosing appropriate country

Registration is currently closed