“Explain clearly how your packaging project challenges conventional packaging and how it contributes to sustainability”

“Create a sustainable packaging concept for a fictitious, premium consumer brand using BillerudKorsnäs Cartonboard material”

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Brief 2017: Challenge the conventional!

BillerudKorsnäs – the company behind PIDA (the Packaging Impact Design Award) – is guided by a bold vision statement: We challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future. In the assignment for PIDA 2017, we invite the contestants to share this mind set and shake up the packaging industry. The task is to create a packaging concept that does exactly that: challenge the conventional!


There is room for improvement in this world, also when it comes to packaging. Conventional packaging can be perceived as unpractical, wasteful or just plain boring – or made without concern for the future of the planet.
An important mission for young packaging designers is to change all that and come up with better solutions, for example in terms of function, environmental impact or consumer appeal.

Electronic Connection

To an increasing extent, consumers choose brands whose values they share and that feel right in terms of lifestyle and identity. When consumers expect more from the brands they choose, they also expect more from the packaging. Not least when it comes to sustainability.


The 2017 assignment
Challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future

The key word is challenge. The assignment is to present a packaging concept that does the job in a different way than the conventional solutions we see in the stores today. Challenge conventional over packaging. Challenge unnecessary use of plastic. Challenge poor user-friendliness. Challenge the mediocre and everyday. Challenge whatever you find lacking in conventional packaging. Be innovative. Be bold. Be a rebel. Show the jury the unexpected.


Basic rules

  1. Create a sustainable packaging concept for a fictitious, premium consumer brand using BillerudKorsnäs Cartonboard material.
    The market segments to focus on are:
    •  Luxury Drinks
    •  Cosmetics & Beauty Care
    •  Chocolate & Confectionary
    •  Premium Food
    •  Graphical & Media
    •  Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  2. Explain clearly how this concept challenges conventional packaging and how it contributes to sustainability.
  3. For the submitted project, present a marketing concept and marketing plan for this fictitious brand, with focus on sustainability. The project should include a clear description/demonstration of the overall different features and sustainability implications (the material used, how the waste can be handled, if the box can have a second usage after being emptied, etc.) Other aspects to consider include protection of the goods/contents and user friendliness.
  4. Make the design appeal to modern, urban consumers with high expectations on packaging.


View the full brief

Download the entire 2017 brief. It includes the complete set of rules, the jury’s assessment criteria, detailed instructions and names of people to contact if you have any questions.



Visit for a demonstration of communication technology applied on packaging.

On the blog pages on this site, we show a couple of examples of how students present their work and the documentation of the packaging concept and its context. That’s useful for anyone who wants to apply to the competition.