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Brief 2019: Bring the Future

BillerudKorsnäs – the company behind PIDA (the Packaging Impact Design Award) – is guided by a bold vision statement: We challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future. In the assignment for PIDA 2019, we invite the contestants to share this mindset and take a peek into that sustainable future. The task is to create a packaging concept for tomorrow, doing exactly that: challenge the conventional!


Sustainable packaging is on everybody’s mind today, and one trend today is to re­place or reduce plastic in packages. We are convinced that a lot more can be done with fibre-based packages. As consumers, we are more demanding and want to feel that we contribute to a more sustainable future. Functionality is critical for a positive reaction and sustainability is important for the impression of the product and brand. When it comes to sustainability, as many as 72 % of all consumers are willing to pay more for a similar product packed in a more sustainable package than one in a conventional package – and brand owners can benefit a lot from differentiation by sustainable packaging.



The key word is sustainability.

What will a sustainable package look like in 2030?


Create a sustainable, innovative and functional packaging concept that differs from the conventional solutions we see in the stores and in e-commerce today. Use a fictitious brand and create a unique packaging solution.


Be innovative, be bold!

Think new!

Create a solution to a real problem – like replacing plastic!




Entry: A sustainable, innovative, functional – and futuristic! –packaging concept. Use a fictitious brand name.

Material: BillerudKorsnäs cartonboard.

Target audience: Modern urban consumers with high expectations. 

Market segments in focus: Cosmetics & beauty care, fashion, premium chocolate & confectionery.


  • A one-page presentation of the packaging concept
  • Physical prototypes (3 sets)
  • Film (max. 90 seconds long). Note: Most music and pictures are copyrighted, and must not be used without permission. Make sure to secure user rights before including protected content in your application material.
  • Digital presentation




Download the entire 2019 brief. It includes the complete set of rules, the jury’s assessment criteria, detailed instructions and names of people to contact if you have any questions.