“Create a sustainable, innovative and functional packaging concept that offers a unique unboxing experience.”

“Premium segments in focus: Cosmetics & beauty care, luxury drinks, chocolate & confectionery. Target modern, urban consumers.”

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Brief 2018: Unbox your brand & package

BillerudKorsnäs – the company behind PIDA (the Packaging Impact Design Award) – is guided by a bold vision statement: We challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future. In the assignment for PIDA 2018, we invite the contestants to share this mindset and shake up the packaging industry. The task is to create a packaging concept and an unboxing experience that does exactly that: challenge the conventional!


Unboxing is the ritual moment of opening your package for the first time. It is the consumer’s first interaction with the product and an opportunity for a luxury brand to shine. Functionality is critical for a positive reaction and sustainability is important for the impression of the product and the brand.

Electronic Connection

Unboxing videos on social media are a very common way for consumers to share their experience and their relations to a product. For luxury brands today, it is crucial to grasp that opportunity. 54% of the product information we post on social media is perceived as recommendations – and as a result becomes free promotion for the brand.

 The sustainability profile is an important aspect of the total brand experience. To an increasing extent, consumers choose brands whose values they share and that feel right in terms of lifestyle and identity. When consumers expect more from the brands they choose, they also expect more from the packaging. Not least when it comes to sustainability.


The 2018 assignment
Unbox your brand & package

The key word is unboxing. Create a sustainable, innovative and functional packaging concept that differs from the conventional solutions we see in the stores and in e-commerce today. Use a fictitious brand and create a unique unboxing experience.


Basic rules

Entry: A sustainable, innovative, functional packaging concept featuring a unique unboxing experience. Use a fictitious brand name.

Material: BillerudKorsnäs cartonboard – White, Artisan, Light or Carry.

Target audience: Modern urban consumers with high demands. 

Market segments in focus: Cosmetics & beauty care, luxury drinks, premium chocolate & confectionery.


  • • A one-page presentation of the packaging concept
  • • Physical prototypes (3 sets)
  • • Unboxing film (maximum 90 seconds long)
  • • Digital presentation


View the full brief

Download the entire 2018 brief. It includes the complete set of rules, the jury’s assessment criteria, detailed instructions and names of people to contact if you have any questions.