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Highlight of the year

For many people in the packaging industry, the PIDA events are the highlight of the year. A PIDA event is a fun and festive occasion not only for the contestants of the challenge, but also for converters and brand owners, journalists and bloggers, and established packaging designers.

For PIDA 2017 the brief is “Challenge Conventional Packaging for a Sustainable Future”, which entails its own particular set of challenges.

Preparations and planning for the 2017 PIDA arrangements are in progress, and the calendar will be updated continuously.

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PIDA Calendar 2017



JANRelease of brief

MAY 23PIDA Sweden event

JUNE 22PIDA France event

Nov 9PIDA Germany event

The peak of the PIDA event is of course the prize ceremony, when the most creative and accomplished contestants receive their awards. But the  programme offers a lot more: lively presentations of all the nominated design projects; keynotes brimming of insights, trendspotting, discoveries, and market intelligence; a panel discussion, and plenty of time to meet and mingle, connect and make friends.