Awards for good packaging design

PIDA is a prestigious packaging design competition run in partnerships with universities in France, Germany and Sweden.

PIDA is integrated in the educational programme and gives design students an opportunity to display their work to a larger audience and demonstrate their skills to potential employers.

Nominees France 2012

PIDA France 2012 was held at Musée des Arts Forains, Les Salons Vénitiens, on June 12. The competing universities were IUT Reims, Esepac Le Puy and ESIReims. 25 design projects qualified. On this page you will find the entries, the project teams and the winners.


Louise Chantoiseau, Lucie Lagrange, Océane Gillard, IUT

Octagon shaped packaging with rounded top that has inward foldings creating a flower pattern with thin petals. A loose star-pointy device for opening/closing, fastened with a thin silk ribbon.