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The PIDA events 2017

Challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future. The theme for PIDA 2017 was entirely open. Conventional stuff can be challenged in so many ways. We actually asked the contestants to go wild, shake up the packaging community and show the jury something unexpected.

A new PIDA feature was introduced in 2017: the PIDA People's Choice Award, which allowed anyone with a Facebook account to vote for their favourite. To vote, you just had to "like" a design project's video on Facebook. Interest grew quickly, and the suspense lasted until the very last minute. Bland, conventional packaging can be challenged in many ways. Which means that PIDA 2017 showed a fantastic variety of ideas and innovative designs as well as product categories.


PIDA France

In Paris, the event was held at the MakeUp Fair - which reflected on the entries and the competition. The PIDA Gold Award went to a practical on-the-go eye shadow kit for busy women. The whole event was all about beautiful concepts for beauty products. Other prizes included a highly sophisticated eye-makeup kit, a high-impact package for moisturizers, a traveler's shampoo kit, an innovative lipstick and an all-cartonboard deodorant dispenser.

The Jury’s motivation: "… fulfilled all the criteria demanded by its eco-design and sustainable approach, its ease-of-use functionality, its impacting graphics and its innovative end-product approach."

PIDA Germany

A word often heard at PIDA Germany was "clever". The overall winner was a team from Stuttgart Media University. They had created a clever packaging concept for watches and other luxury items - with a pop-up effect. Other winning concepts included a multi-functional, high-convenience pack for pistachio nuts, and a handbag-shaped pack for exotic fruit. The surprise of the year was the participation of a British team at the event in Stuttgart - a beginning of a new development.

"The level of this year's entries can only be summarized as the highest ever and the jury had a hard time selecting the winners." Lena Dahlberg, BillerudKorsnäs.


PIDA Sweden

The packaging concepts on parade to challenge the conventional in Stockholm tended to emphasize sustainability. Awarded entries included solutions for Himalayan salt, for new and used batteries, a practical travel kit for dry-form skin care products, a built-in portioning pack for chia seeds and an inventive toilet bag. All entries were all-cartonboard designs. A fair-sized crowd of visitors could also enjoy insightful keynote speeches on current trends in packaging.

"We have put a lot of effort and work in our packaging. We really believe in our product. It's a great experience to win." PIDA Sweden Winner

This is just a quick overview of the creative feats of PIDA 2017. You will find more detailed reports of the three events in the blog section of this site, and photos of all the participating design projects in the gallery.